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Function Sculpted™

Our design philosophy is to master the aesthetic, while creating art that is functional.
Bluecube Design has been in the product design industry since its inception in 2004. With a keen focus on the client's needs, we have designed and developed innovative and commercially successful consumer products for a diverse set of clients.
Some of Bluecube Design's leading clients include SinuPulse, Alltrade Tools, Snap-on Tools, Zivelo, Brikk, Astra and CLC. The firm specializes in consumer electronics, power tools, medical equipment, toys and furniture.
Bluecube Design's success is rooted in their long lasting relationships with their clients. Our Function Sculpted™ approach helps clients meet their goals, setting them apart from their competition.
Bluecube Design's commitment to elegance in design and quality delivers products that reach out and inspire the consumer.